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The Olympic Games Essay Example for Free

The Olympic Games Essay Presentation: The Olympic Games is one of the soonest Pan-Hellenic celebration just as its cutting edge recovery. The Games as held today, is the biggest feature and rivalry of the world’s best athletic aptitudes and sportsmanship. It typifies and advances patriotism, governmental issues and business among contending countries. The meeting up for investment advances solidarity among countries while national pride maintains the serious soul. The presence of such contradicting components during Olympic Games can be discovered today as well as be followed during its initial adaptations. Their high perfect, rather than corporate greed and governmental issues has been watched even from its antiquated festivals. The inception of the early games is dark however the date of the main celebration is generally 776 B.C. at Olympia. This was the year from which the Greeks dated their sequence in Olympiads and about that year that Homer was conceived. From there on, the celebration was held in quadrennials in festivity of each new Olympiad (or each following four years). The merriments were firmly related with strict ceremonies yet it additionally incorporates athletic challenges, rhetoric, music, verse, and other works of art. It was during the late nineteenth century that the Olympic Games were restored as a global athletic challenge, holding the beliefs of the first Olympian celebration and a portion of the occasions in its altered structure. In spite of the fact that its underlying restoration was fruitful, it was not saved from a couple of obstacles. Throughout the years, the Games kept on pulling in global members. Around 203 nations are currently associated with the Olympics, when contrasted with 14 taking part nations path in 1896. The current quantities of partaking nations are uniquely higher than the perceived 193 nations by the United Nations. Reason of which originates from the International Olympic Committee’s guidelines, which permits countries that had not been properly perceived by the United Nations to take an interest and contend. Thus, settlements of other part country are permitted to arrange their own Olympic groups and make portrayals despite the fact that their competitors hold a similar citizenship of another contending country. Taiwan for instance, used to contend as â€Å"Republic of China†, causing strife with the People’s Republic of China, which would not partake until 1980. Taiwan from that point, contended with the official name â€Å"Chinese Taipei†. Indeed, the following Olympic Games will be held in 2008 at Beijing. China is presently occupied in its arrangement as 2008 Olympics have. Nations competing to have the Games need to oblige enormous quantities of competitors, visitors, and writers. The development of the quantity of individuals engaged with the Games’ festivity is one of the significant worries that coordinators ceaselessly face. All things considered, the Olympics are one of the most anticipated and well known significant world occasions today. Old Olympics: As the world looks on with expectation as the years move ever closer (extraordinary groundwork) for the happening to the following Olympic games, one can't yet assist with thinking once more from its beginning. In spite of its notoriety, its old starting points had been covered in lack of definition. The antiquated merriments are very unique contrasted with the cutting edge adaptation of the Games. It had lesser number of occasions to contend on.â Foremost models for competitors are being able to communicate in Greek, and that lone free men were permitted to compete.â â Olympia is the official site of each party of the old Olympic Games, rather than the current practice wherein has nations contrast from each festival. Notwithstanding the acknowledged custom that 776 B.C. denoted the primary Olympiad, it appears to be sensibly sure that the Olympic Games were established before that time. In any case, there are different anecdotes about the starting point of the Olympics. It is plausible that the Olympian celebration created from the custom of holding athletic challenges to pay tribute to a divine being or dead legend. Some accepted that the Games may have been firmly connected with burial service ceremonies, for example, those at the memorial service of Patroclus, as depicted by Homer in the Iliad. Achilles, Patroclus’ closest companion, held games forâ â Patroclus’ respect as a major aspect of the burial service. It included boxing, wrestling, a chariot race, and footrace. Afterward, they may have been held at standard spans to respect all who had passed on inside that period. As per the writer Pindar, in the fifteenth century B.C., Heracles established the Olympic Games as a festival for his triumph over Elis and slaughtering King Augeas. Another legend has it that when dispute assaulted Greece, Iphitus was requested by a prophet to reestablish the Games. Pausanias, a Greek explorer, recounts a bronze work area in the Heraeum at Olympia, engraved in the guidelines of the Games and with the names of Lycurgus and Iphitus. Pausanias additionally relates that as per old chronicles of the individuals of Elis, the Game’s originator was credited to Idean Heracles and was answerable for giving the name to the Olympian challenges. The Games began when he moved his siblings to a footrace at Olympia. Another record, as indicated by Pausinias, relates that Zeus himself started the primary Olympiad when he battled with his dad Cronus for the sway of paradise and control of the world; and that Zeus broadcasted the Games after his triumph. Another legend expresses that the Games was built up after the Greek saint Pelops won against King Oenomaus in a chariot race in an offer to wed Oenomaus’ girl, Hippodamia. In spite of the fact that it is dubious with regards to who is genuinely answerable for the inception of the Games, Olympia had consistently been the predictable site where the Games’ occasions were held. This isn't unexpected since even before 776 B.C., Olympia had been the site of faction revere for Zeus. It is situated a long way from human living arrangements, gloriously disregarded by a slope, and the River Alph coursing through it (a waterway thought about consecrated by the Greeks). It was held in midsummer at Olympia in the northwest piece of the Peloponnesus where an arena and a sanctuary to Zeus were based on the eastern and northern banks of the streams Alpheus and Claudeus. During the Hellenic period this asylum turned into the image of the Greek’s dedication to physical magnificence and the preparation of psyche and body to the most noteworthy condition of coordination. The antiquated Olympics had four sorts of races. First kind of race expects sprinters to run the full length of the arena, around 192 meters in length. This is known as a STADION. The subsequent sort is known as a 2-STADE race, around 384 meters. At that point there were races, which involve its rivals to run wearing protection in 2 or 4-STADE. It is acceptable to take note of that a standard protective layer as of now could weigh as much as 50 to 60 lbs. Despite the fact that this may appear to be strange for current principles, however the Greeks were especially worried about improving its odds over fights. Greeks have utilized the Games as a chance to help fabricate the speed and continuance among its men when they are called to render military assistance (â€Å"Ancient Olympic Games†). By 724 B.C., diaulos was presented. Afterward, the dolichos was included which require 12 laps. Maybe one of the significant explanations behind stressing running in the occasions could likewise be identified with the Greek’s thought that astounding officers have great speed and endurance. An all-power race, called Pancreaton, joins a wide range of physical assault. The colossal significance of the Olympic Games dates from the 6th century B.C. at the point when Sparta accomplished superiority among the Greek states. From the outset Pisa, a city-state was in charge of the Olympic Games, however Elis, a neighboring city-state toward the North, had usurped control by 572 B.C. In time, Olympia turned into the focal point of a league, and the Games started to accomplish a more than nearby hugeness. Ground-breaking Sparta shaped a collusion with Elis; and in this manner it came about that Elis controlled the strict parts of the Olympic celebration, while Sparta was the authority â€Å"protector† of the Games, spreading its own notoriety and renown. It was the political manager, establishing and upholding the â€Å"sacred truce†, which in any event, during wars allowed Hellenes to originate from all pieces of Greece and the Greek settlements to contend in the incomparable Olympic Games. The Games came to comprise the one worldwide bond that held through all wars and contrasts. From 776 toâ â 721 B.C., the rundown of the victors included just the names of Eleans and their neighbors. Afterward, Megarians, Corinthians, Athenians, and others show up as victors. Religion The antiquated Olympics consistently had a strict component; not just that a fantasy considered Zeus as the initiator of the Games each merriment was held in his respect. Also, Zeus was accepted to have a hand over the aftereffects of the Games: those he supported were accepted to turn into the victors while competitors who didn't will ever get any opportunities for winning on the opposition. Pindar’s triumph tribute credits triumph among champions to their abilities and through the concealed impact of the divine beings. Cheating and pay off were not outsider even those early occasions, thus those that were gotten were fined. The cash goes for building undertakings, for example, a religion sculpture of their central god, Zeus. Fabulous festival in Zeus respect is done all through the Games. The individuals would offer penances and Zeus is appealed to keep off flies from the meat, Zeus being considered the â€Å"averter of flies†. While consumed contributions were given, the sanctuary cleric would look at the penances. The minister articulates incredible prophets in Zeus respect and keeps on giving vague expectation of the what might be on the horizon. Competitors base their odds of prevailing upon the opposition through these prophets. As a statement of the Greek’s thought, the Olympic games kept on flourishing as a Pan-Hellenic foundation. While it would appear to be removed

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Students with Learning Disabilities Offered Success in College :: School Education Essays

Understudies with Learning Disabilities Offered Success in College Enlisting for school courses can be stressing for even the most sorted out undergrad. Realizing which courses to take, and what request to take them in, can be more than confounding to the effectively over-focused on understudy body. This procedure is much progressively demanding for understudies with learning incapacities. Enlisting for classes is the ideal start for learning crippled understudies. Kyle Turin, a first year recruit with Dyslexia, at Northeastern University is daunted at the absence of consideration he believes he is getting. Turin was analyzed at a youthful age. He was never authoritatively tried for a learning handicap, yet he was placed into a particular perusing class until he went to secondary school. Kyle figured out how to make up for his challenges yet felt he became lost despite a general sense of vigilance in the framework. â€Å"They (instructors) made sense of in like 6th grade that I had missed a pivotal piece of my perusing perception stuff that different children got. I was placed into understanding courses. In any case, presently that I’m in school, I’ll have a class of like 150 children where the main premise of the class is the course reading and in-class addresses, so I don’t have the chance to repay in class the way that I utilized to.† said Turin. Kyle Turin moved to Northeastern University after his first semester at Hudson Valley Community College. â€Å"They inquired as to whether I had Northeastern protection, and I said no and they fundamentally said I was up the creek without a paddle. They said I needed to contact my own insurance agency and check whether they secured the handicap test that I would require so as to get additional consideration through Northeastern. Be that as it may, my insurance agency won’t spread it in light of the fact that I’m more than 18 years of age. † A learning inability is characterized as any of different conditions that meddle with a person's capacity to pick up, bringing about impeded working in language, thinking, or scholastic aptitudes. The National Center for Learning Disabilities clarifies it as a neurological issue that influences the brain’s capacity to get procedure, store and react to data. Essentially, among individuals with learning handicaps there is a perceptible hole between their degree of anticipated accomplishment and their genuine accomplishment. Specialists and experts concur it is extremely unlikely to stick point a particular foundations for learning incapacities. The NCLD says some potential causes may incorporate heredity, issues during pregnancy or birth, head wounds or dietary hardship after birth, and introduction to poisonous substances.

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Low Balance

Low Balance I didnt start out this weekend trying to write a scathing expose on what its like to survive at MIT with no TechCash, no cash, and a terrible desire to spend money on food at least once a day. This certainly wasnt planned, especially because I still have six hours of exams to power through it actually probably started about two weeks ago, when I bought lunch at Stata, handed over my ID and was alarmed to see that little low warning sign. I have $1.70 in my TechCash account, and the reason its stayed that way for such a while now is a combination of a lot of things. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I filled up my account to a pretty sizeable amount at the beginning of the semester, since Im far too lazy to go to the basement of the student center and put money in my account for free (quick deposit online costs $1.50), but its also finals week, during which many MIT students seem to take on the view that lifes ordinarily small daily burdens are now no longer obligatory. (This could explain why the girl studying in the cubicle next to me looks like shes making a beanie out of uncombed hair.) For me this includes a couple things: not picking my clothes up off the floor (no roommate, no mom no place to stand), not washing my dishes (although someone in my suite cleaned up last night; pretty suite), and not watching my bank account (not that Im out buying couture, just caffeine drinks and Thai food). To give a little background- MITs money system, rather than work with points or meal plans like other schools with more dining halls do, is basically a debit card that doesnt collect interest. You put money on your TechCash account whenever you want, either from your account online or in the basement of the student center, and use it to buy food at dining halls, restaurants in the student center basically anywhere on campus, and a few places off-campus. You can also sometimes use it to buy things like tickets to events or food from class fundraisers, or do your laundry, and it doesnt run out at the end of the semester, either it just stays as money in your account. While not entirely necessary to survive all places that take TechCash also take real cash it can be pretty impractical to carry around large wads of cash, and not everywhere accepts actual debit/credit cards. And so we use TechCash. But I havent been, and its been rough. Day 1: the beginning. Salad and a gatorade at Stata. Low Balance, the cash register informs me. I glance at the angry green $1.70 briefly, wondering whether I should sprint home to my computer and refill my account. Obviously, I do not do this. Day 4: Ben 11 wanders into my kitchen complaining of hunger, and I look up from studying something definitely genetics-related (okay, Im lying a little, I might have been on facebook but it was probably looking up something very important). We could go to the student center? his roommate Allin offers hopefully. NO, Allin, we CANT go to the student center. I consider cooking, before remembering there is studying to be done and cooking can take a lot of time. We order Chinese food from Royal East, a place not too far from campus, and I pay with debit, because there is a whole wide, WIDE world out there of places that do not require only cash or TechCash and those places are wonderful repositories of food and goodness, that are also kind of expensive because you have to pay delivery charges and tip. But also, not in TechCash. Day 6: or why Ive been banned from Annas Taqueria Today I hit rock bottom. Im on shift on the ambulance, from 2300 to 1200 (11 PM to 12 PM), and around 8 AM its blizzard-ing outside. We decide to go to the student center for breakfast because every other breakfast place in our service area is closed, and the roads are too blocked up to drive very far. The two other people on the crew go to LaVerdes, the small grocery store on campus, and I go for Annas. On four hours of sleep, I request a breakfast burrito and watch the guy make it in front of me. I dont register my money situation until I get to the cash register and my custom-made vegetarian burrito is looking extra-delicious underneath a Cash or TechCash only sign. Feebly I hand the lady my debit card, and she looks as me as if I have very seriously insulted her family. We dont take credit card. So I weigh my options. Theres an ATM, but I only have my California-specific debit card on me. I could go ask one of the people on shift with me for money, but I cant pay them back later because I wont have any cash later, either. I could also risk having to be taken away by the very ambulance I am working by telling her I cant pay for my food. I, uh Ill be back.. I just have to.. get yeah. I motion feebly to the ATM and hightail it out of Annas, never to return. (It would be a good way to end this story by saying and THATs why Ive been banned from Annas Taqueria!, but I havent actually been banned well, as far as I know; Ive just decided not to go there until maybe like the end of IAP. Ill get back to you on that.) Day 9. The fifth floor of the student center has this wonderful place called the reading room where all sound goes to die, and this is where Ive parked myself for the day before my first final. Ive been here for about three hours before I decide its time for a break, and head downstairs to order a falafel. From the line I can see no TechCash or Cash only signs, and so I feel this is a fortuitous day but when I get to the front of the line and hand the guy my card, he smiles and shakes his head at me. We dont take credit. This, now THIS I was not prepared for. Annas, maybe. But THERES NO SIGN AT THE FALAFEL PLACE. Seriously?? Im preparing a lack-of-sleep-induced diatribe about false advertising when the dude smiles helpfully at me. We can wait for you! he suggest cheerily. Only then do I notice he looks vaguely like a Mediterranean Santa Claus, and I start to remember for most of the world its the holiday season, not finals season. And so my rage and disappointment in the falafel guy simmers. Very swiftly I mentally change my No TechCash policy to No Falafel Left Behind and inform him Im sorry, itll just take a second and I was seriously misguided for me to sprint back up to the fifth floor and deposit money into my account. The falafel tastes like victory. Ive learned a few things from my TechCash-less lifestyle yes, its not absolutely necessary, but if you have a debit card its a little more difficult to get around if you plan to eat on campus rather than just cook for yourself. (LaVerdes, Dunkin Donuts, and Cambridge Grill all accept debit. There are a few other scattered places on campus here and there, but those are the main ones.) Generally speaking, though, its a pretty effective system, and I like having the freedom to put money as I please (or dont please), whenever I need it. I have a lot of pictures to post from our fall dance show, my floors formal, and the giant volumes of snow weve been hit with lately, as well as entries to write about changing your major, getting accepted (?! congratulations, all of you!), how to get around campus, and how to pick a living group (SO MUCH BLOGGING so little time) but Ive still got that silly thing called finals in between me and winter break. Ill be flying home Thursday, so! Until later

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How to Calculate Normality of a Solution

The normality of a solution is the gram equivalent weight of a solute per liter of solution. It may also be called the equivalent concentration.  It is indicated using the symbol N, eq/L, or meq/L ( 0.001 N) for units of concentration. For example, the concentration of a hydrochloric acid solution might be expressed as 0.1 N HCl. A gram equivalent weight or equivalent is a measure of the reactive capacity of a given chemical species (ion, molecule, etc.). The equivalent value is determined using the molecular weight and valence of the chemical species. Normality is the only concentration unit that is reaction dependent. Here are examples of how to calculate the normality of a solution. Key Takeaways Normality is a unit of concentration of a chemical solution expressed as gram equivalent weight of solute per liter of solution. A defined equivalence factor must be used to express concentration.Common units of normality include N, eq/L, or meq/L.Normality is the only unit of chemical concentration that depends on the chemical reaction being studied.Normality is not the most common unit of concentration, nor is its use appropriate for all chemical solutions. Typical situations when you might use normality include acid-base chemistry, redox reactions, or precipitation reactions. For most other situations, molarity or molality are better options for units. Normality Example #1 The easiest way to find normality is from molarity. All you need to know are how many mole of ions dissociate. For example, a 1 M sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is 2 N for acid-base reactions because each mole of sulfuric acid provides 2 moles of H ions. 1 M sulfuric acid is 1 N for sulfate precipitation since 1 mole of sulfuric acid provides 1 mole of sulfate ions. Normality Example #2 36.5 grams of hydrochloric acid (HCl) is a 1 N (one normal) solution of HCl. A normal is one gram equivalent of a solute per liter of solution. Since hydrochloric acid is a strong acid that dissociates completely in water, a 1 N solution of HCl would also be 1 N for H or Cl- ions for acid-base reactions. Normality Example #3 Find the normality of 0.321 g sodium carbonate in a 250 mL solution. To solve this problem, you need to know the formula for sodium carbonate. Once you realize there are two sodium ions per carbonate ion, the problem is simple: N 0.321 g Na2CO3  x (1 mol/105.99 g) x (2 eq/1 mol)N 0.1886 eq/0.2500 LN 0.0755 N Normality Example #4 Find the percent acid (eq wt 173.8) if 20.07 mL of 0.1100 N base is required to neutralize 0.721 g of a sample. This is essentially a matter of being able to cancel out units to obtain the final result. Remember, if given a value in milliliters (mL), its necessary to convert it to liters (L). The only tricky concept is realizing the acid and base equivalence factors will be in a 1:1 ratio. 20.07 mL x (1 L/1000 mL) x (0.1100 eq base/1 L) x (1 eq acid/1 eq base) x (173.8 g/1 eq) 0.3837 g acid When to Use Normality There are specific circumstances when its preferable to use normality rather than molarity or other unit of concentration of a chemical solution. Normality is used in acid-base chemistry to describe the concentration of hydronium (H3O) and hydroxide (OH-). In this situation, 1/feq is an integer.The equivalence factor or normality is used in precipitation reactions to indicate the number of ions that will precipitate. Here, 1/feq is once again and integer value.In redox reactions, the equivalence factor indicates how many electrons can be donated or accepted by an oxidizing or reducing agent. For redox reactions, 1/feq may be a fraction. Considerations Using Normality Normality is not an appropriate unit of concentration in all situations. First, it requires a defined equivalence factor. Second, the normality is not a set value for a chemical solution. Its value can change according to the chemical reaction being examined. For example, a solution of CaCl2 that is 2 N with respect to the chloride (Cl-) ion would only be 1 N with respect to the magnesium (Mg2) ion. Reference The use of the equivalence concept. IUPAC (archived).

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Personal Statement Of Public Health Research Essay

Statement of Purpose I’d fallen ill while visiting my grandparents in the northern part of Nigeria and was taken to a 2-room health facility where I witnessed an unfathomable scene. In the hallway, lying on a wooden bench, a pregnant woman moaned loudly, in labor. Tossing and turning, she flinched in pain as she reached around the rusted nails protruding from the bench while simultaneously following the midwife’s directions. For many weeks, I couldn’t get the image out of my head. I remember thinking, ‘Why was she giving birth on a wooden bench? Are there no beds?’ Of course, as I advanced in my education in the world of healthcare, I came to realize that those were deceptively simple questions that delved into issues of access to quality healthcare in low resource settings. This and other questions drove me to research and birthed my interest in public health. My first true introduction to public health research is working with marginalized and vulnerable populations who are often faced with limited access to healthcare. I became intrigued working with this group when I realized they faced limited access to HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) services. As a young researcher, I was curious to understand the risk factors that increased the high burden (25%) of HIV among men who have sex with men (MSM) living in Nigeria. There was limited research to inform program interventions. Yet, other high risk groups (female sex workers and injecting drug users) wereShow MoreRelatedCode Of Ethics And Professional Conduct For The Respiratory Therapist1254 Words   |  6 Pageswithin their scope accepted and responsible practice. This statement is put in place to insure that the respiratory therapist only performs what they are competent on. The respiratory therapist should not perform any procedure that is not in the respiratory therapist s scope of practice. †¢ Respect and protect the legal and personal rights of patients, including the right to privacy, informed consent and refusal of treatment. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) PrivacyRead MoreStatement Of Purpose For Doctoral Program1296 Words   |  6 PagesUniversity College of Public Health Department of Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences Statement of Purpose for Doctoral Program Statement of Purpose and Objectives When submitting your Statement of Purpose and Objectives, it should be unique to each program to which you are going to apply. Your statement is intended to give you the opportunity to submit a tailored narrative which will describe your education, experience and professional career objectives. Your personal statement should describeRead MorePersonal Statement : My Experience With Healthcare Professionals837 Words   |  4 PagesPERSONAL STATEMENT It gives me immense joy and satisfaction as I reflect back and write about my adventure, where working hard, learning from my mistakes and staying focused has made me the person I am today. I can recollect a series of interactions and a personal bond I made with my dentist throughout my orthodontic treatment, which left a lasting impression about the profession in my mind. I noticed a common theme in my experience with healthcare professionals, their dedication to their work, greatRead MoreThe Theory Of Goal Attainment By Imogene King895 Words   |  4 PagesNursing/Nursing Practice: Theory: No specific theory was identified on the public web page, However, there is a milieu of research and frameworks that are published that have been utilized by the Banner Health System as a whole. For example, the theory of goal attainment by Imogene King is one of the theories used by the nursing staff and is evident in bedside reporting (Anderson Mangino, 2006). However, as stated in the philosophy, the art and science of nursing is demonstrated by compassionRead MoreStrategic Planning For The Michigan Department Of Human Services1686 Words   |  7 Pagesplanning, â€Å"organizations develop new goals and strategies, update their missions, and create shared commitment among leaders, employees, and others regarding present and future endeavors† (p. 64). Before the merger of the Michigan Department of Community Health and the Michigan Department of Human Services took place, I am certain there was strategic planning. Using Berman’s (2006) four phases of strate gic planning (p. 67), the following is a hypothetical strategic plan for MDHHS prior to its merger. BermanRead MoreWhat Is The Validity Of A Website?831 Words   |  4 Pagesthis website and what is their mission, can you contact the organization, and do they want your personal information (National Library of Medicine, 2012). When critiquing it is clearly labelled as a Government of Alberta website. The mission statement was found under the â€Å"About Us† link which stated the intention of the site was to help Albertans retrieve easy-to-understand health information from a single site, making it user friendly and convenient with current, reliable informationRead MoreEffective Smoking Cessation Tool Or A New Way For Children1742 Words   |  7 Pages Effective Smoking Cessation Tool or A New Way for Children to be Introduced to Nicotine? Why We Need E-Cigarette Health Policy. Jennifer A. Sibley, RN, BSN University of Florida â€Æ' Effective Smoking Cessation Tool or A New Way for Children to be Introduced to Nicotine? Why We Need E-Cigarette Health Policy. Background and Significance Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, were invented in 2004 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik following his father’s death from lung cancerRead MoreThe Importance Of Good Versus Poor Personal Hygiene Practices1013 Words   |  5 Pagesrequired to learn about Disease Prevention. The CCSS that mold the structure of this lesson are as followed: 2.1 Demonstrate essential personal hygiene practices. 2.2 Identify the importance of good versus poor personal hygiene practices 2.3 Explain the importance of not sharing personal hygiene items 2.4 Describe physical/emotional/social health implications of personal hygiene Prior technology competencies: ï  ¶ Ability to use a tablet to participate in interactive educational games. ï  ¶ Name and letterRead MoreThe Public Health Surveillance And Program Planning Models772 Words   |  4 Pagesassessing of operative programs and policies in public health by applying ethics of scientific thinking utilizing systematic uses of data and information systems,suitable use of behavioral-science theory and program-planning-models.1Scholars agree that EBPH provides assurance that decision making is based on scientific evidence and effective practices;helps ensure the retrieval of up-to-date dependable information about what works and doesn’t for public health questions;provides assurance that time isRead MoreThe Mentally Ill O FF Ender Treatment And Crime Reduction Act Of 2004 : Problems And Prospects1321 Words   |  6 PagesThe Mentally Ill Oï ¬â‚¬ender Treatment and Crime Reduction Act of 2004: Problems and Prospects by Christine M. Litschgea and Michael G. Vaughn, is a research article whose focus is three-fold. First, the researchers reviewed the literatu re available on the components that have influenced the considerable increases of incarcerated persons with severe mental illness (SMI). Secondly, they analyzed the Mentally Ill Oï ¬â‚¬ender Treatment and Crime Reduction Act of 2004 (MIOTCRA), and evaluated if, since its

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Benefits and cost Free Essays

Costs would be Just the opposite of several of these, but would also include lack of a good warranty, or not being able to find a place that can service the time-piece. Top Reasons You Want A Nice Watch†, A. Adams, 2011 . We will write a custom essay sample on Benefits and cost or any similar topic only for you Order Now ) A weight loss diet can boost self- esteem, energy levels, desirability to those you wish to attract. Good health, though. Is the greatest benefit of a weight loss diet. Costs could be the difficulty level of being able to stick with the diet. Losing weight improperly can cause health issues; if the weight loss diet you have to offer is unhealthy this can be a cost. High prices of weight loss can be prohibitive. (â€Å"Lose Weight, Gain Tons of Benefits†, K. Zealand, n. D. ) Things that could be beneficial to a cruise would be location. Everyone likes to go to beautiful places. Nice accommodation and service areas on board the ship are a must. Other important things can be safety, atmosphere, variety of activities, and areas to relax. Costs could be the expensiveness of the cruise, sea sickness, and boredom. (â€Å"The Pros and Cons of Cruise Travel†, A. Powers, 2012) For a new checking account at a bank, the benefits could be ease of deposits, such as online deposits by way of device APS. Being able to cancel checks easily Is Important. The availability of accessing your cash easily Is very Important. Free ATM and debit cards, and the availability of paperless electronic statements can also be beneficial. Costs would include high bounced check fees, annual account fees, and the fact that many businesses are moving away from even accepting checks. (â€Å"Seven Questions to Ask Before Opening a Bank Account†, G. Dwellers, 2013) Ariel Adams, (2011). Top Reasons You Want A Nice Watch. A Blob to Watch. Retrieved July 14, 2014, blowtorch. Com: http://www. blowtorch. Com/top-reasons-you- want-a-nice-expensive-watch/ Kathleen M. Zealand, (n. D. ). Lose Weight, Gain Tons of Benefits. Web MD. Retrieved July 14, 2014, WebMD. Com: http://www. WebMD. Com/delete/features/lose-wealth-gal.- tons-of-benefits India Powers, (2012). The Pros and Cons of Cruise Travel. Apartment Therapy. Retrieved July 14, 2014, parenthetically. Com: http://www. parenthetically. Com/ the-pros-and-cons-of-cruise-travel-192288 Gerri Dwellers, (2013). Seven Questions to Ask Before Opening a Bank Account. Credit. Retrieved July 14, 2014, credit. Com: http://www. credit. Com/personal-Flanagan- questions-to-ask-before-opening-bank-account/ Benefits and cost By wheelhouses ay of device APS. Being able to cancel checks easily is important. The availability of accessing your cash easily is very important. Free ATM and debit cards, and the Before Opening a Bank Account†, G. Detailer, 2013) July 14, 2014, WebMD. Com: http://www. WebMD. Com/diet/features/lose-weight-gain- the-pros-and-cons-of-cruise-travel-192288 Gerri Detailer, (2013). Seven Questions to Ask Before Opening a Bank Account. Credit. Retrieved July 14, 2014, credit. Com: http://www. Credit. Com/personal-Flanagan- questions-to-ask-before-opening-bank-account/ How to cite Benefits and cost, Papers

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Reserach Method Collection

Question: Write an essay on Data Collection? Answer: Data collection is the most vital part of a research project as it is through the data collection that a researcher reaches the proper outcome of the project. When the researcher is considering carrying out a project regarding international business, the qualitative data collection becomes even more important. It is up to the researcher to decide how to collect the data after the person is done with choosing the participants. As qualitative data collection hugely depends on another person or group of people, it is important that the research handles the participants and keep certain things in mind that will helps the researcher to get a proper outcome of the project (Ryan, Bernard, 2003). The essay will focus on the importance of the qualitative data collection while researching on international business and the factors are essential to keep in mind while collecting the qualitative data. Moreover, it is important that the researcher restate the research statement, the research quest ions and the purpose of the researcher project before colleting the qualitative data for international business. Researchproblem When an organization ventures in an international market, it faces a lot of issues while managing the human resource as well as in the marketing perspective. The research will mainly focus on the problems faced by the marketing team while venturing in an international destination and doing an international business. Purpose The purpose of this research is to evaluate the problems and issues that the marketing team will face while venturing in an international market. Researchquestions What are the issues faced while acquiring new suppliers in the international region? What are the issues faced by the organization while recruiting new employees in the international location? What are the issues faced by the organization while setting up the business in the new location international location will have new regulations and laws by the government? The fieldwork that can be undertaken to answer the research questions will be in the form of interview (Bazeley, 2013). The interviews of the employees of the organization which is veturing in the international location will be important for the research. The observation will be a simultaneous process when the researcher will observe the participants, the change in behavior and whether they are comfortable while giving the interviews. The quality of the researcher lies in the fact that whether the person is able to understand the behavior of the participants and decide that whether the participants are giving authentic answers. In addition to this, the researcher can also talk with the people related to the participants. To get authentic information about the research project, the researcher can do the extra fieldwork of taking the feedback of the other people so that the researcher is sure about the outcome form the qualitative data collection. The role of field notes is very important for the qualitative data collection as far as international business is concerned. The field notes let the researcher to take an account about the important information that will be useful in the future (Cook Farmer, 2011). In addition to this, the field notes help the researcher to relate to the problems of the participants when the person is making the final draft. Then researcher can write down the field notes to take an account of the information that are not directly related to the problems of the research but might be helpful in solving the issues. The advantages of the observations are that it gives the researcher a chance to add some extra information as an outcome of the researcher (Friese, 2011). The observations also let the researcher to state about the further research projects that can be done by other researcher. The main disadvantage of the observations is that it is completely the perspective of the researcher (Gibbs, 2011). It might happen that he observation made by the researcher might not be true. Hence, if the researcher uses the observation then the outcome of the research might differ due to the use of the observations. The interview of the participants let the researcher to get the answer for the research questions in depth (Friese, 2012). While interviewing the participants, the researcher not only asks the questions but indulge in various other conversations, this helps the researcher to get ideas to develop the researcher questions if needed to enhance the quality of the projects. Face-to-face interviews will be better than electronic interviews. The main reason for choosing face-to-face interview over the electronic interviews is that it helps the researcher to study the participants in detail (Grbich, 2013). However, as he employees are venturing in anew location, the employees might not be available to the researcher. The electronic interview at times create problems as the participants do not get time to go through the questions and at times send the answers after the deadline. The researcher then has to keep extra participants in hand who could fill the space for the participants who are unable to send the feedback in the given time. Along with the benefits of the face-to face interview there are certain disadvantages (Rubin Rubin, 2012). The participants are at times accompanied by other employees. At times, the co-employees are helpful in completing the project. However, there are certain times, when the researcher might have to ask personal questions, then the presence of the co-employees might not let the participants give authentic answers (Ritchie, Spencer, 2002). Hence, the researcher has to tactically handle the situations. There are certain ethical issues that the researcher should keep in mind while collecting data for qualitative data analysis (SaldanÃÅ'Æ’a, 2011). The participants who are unwilling to take part in the interview should not be forced to take part in the interview. There are certain projects which involves personal questions if the participants hesitate to give answers to such questions, the researcher should not force the participants to make them answer the questions. If the participants do not want their personal information to become public, the researcher should respect the decision of the participants and keep the information secret. If the situations demand the researcher to let out the information, the researcher should take the permission of the participants and then do the needful. If the participants do not want to let out any information that is related to the companys policy regarding international business then the researcher would not force the employees to give the information. The results of the coding and analysis that will help the researcher reach a proper outcome. The 14 steps that the researcher should; consider while doing the coding the coding and analysis are as follows (Krathwohl, 2009): Creating a storyline It helps the researcher to communicate with the readers as the readers follow the coding process like a story and not just calculations Code the data Assigning a name to each category so that the researcher does not get confused at the a later stage Pre-set codes The researcher mighthave thought ofcoding method.The pre-set codes can be up to ten and or can extend till 40-50 codes. However, it is better that the researcher keep the number of codes less Emergent codes The emergent codes are those that emerge in between the research. There can be certain codes which the researcher might not have thought of but has emerged while the researcher was in the middle of the research Coding as a system and organizing data Marinating a system in way of coding is the best way that the researcher can code a data. The researcher should first analyze what is the research objective and then do the coding Refining codes The researcher should keep on checking the codes and see if the codes need any revision or refining Open coding The researcher predicts the outcome of the result while studying he feedback of the participants Axial coding Axial coding tries to find out the relation between the feedback of the participants Creating a table A table helps the researcher to keep a track of the list of coding that have been done and the remaining that is left be done Coding notes Just like field notes, coding notes is an important part. The tes will help the resecher in the final level Illustration of coding An illustration is necessary while the researcher is coding a material Checking the code Checking whether the coding process is completed and if it needs any further changes Evaluating the code Evaluating the codes and see whether the process has been correct and whether the codes can help the researcher reach a proper outcome Results Finally the results is reached which has been achieved from the coding and analyzing Thus, it can be concluded that qualitative data collection is an important part of a research work as far as international business is concerned. Hence, when the researcher is carrying out qualitative data collection, the person should be aware of certain issues and take measures that the data collection process is successful. It has been identified that face-to face interview is one of the best methods to carry out a qualitative data collection in international business as the employees will be able to speak about the problems in an effective manner. It is necessary that every researcher should follow the steps of coding so that the researcher is sure that the steps taken for the data collection are proper and full proof. References Bazeley, P. (2013). Qualitative data analysis. Los Angeles [i.e. Thousand Oaks, Calif.]: SAGE Publications. Cook, D., Farmer, L. (2011). Using qualitative methods in action research. [Chicago]: Association of College and Research Libraries. Friese, S. (2011). Qualitative data analysis with ATLAS.ti. Los Angeles, Calif. [u.a.]: Sage. Friese, S. (2012). Qualitative data analysis with ATLAS.ti. London: SAGE. Gibbs, G. (2011). Analyzing qualitative data. Los Angeles [u.a.]: SAGE. Grbich, C. (2013). Qualitative data analysis. London: SAGE Publications. Krathwohl, D. R. (2009). 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